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Bed and Breakfast at the Ranch

What makes “Bed & Breakfast at the Ranch” so special? What differentiates this B&B from all the others? Is it the owner, Barbara Festeryga, is it location, the history of the ranch, the art or the 113 acres of space, surrounding the premises? It is all of that…and more! The ranch was founded by Barbara’s father in 1942.

Prior to that, the land was inhabited by a native tribe, known as the “Mississauga Indians” and a reservation was established at the north end of the land, 12 Km from the ranch house. 1991, Barbara (an artist and art teacher) and her husband, football-star George Festeryga (Montreal Alouettes), took the ranch over, since George retired as the sports-program-director of the federal government. So, Barbara Love-Festeryga and her husband George Festeryga became ranchers…horse and cattle breeders. After George’s passing, the very active Barbara decided to turn part of the property in to a Bed and Breakfast. Stylish and rustic, this wild west ranch and modern art studio with gallery, family retreat and football legend museum turned into a successful, and prosperous business where all guests feel right at home, relaxed, and stunned by the atmosphere.