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Hanks Pastries

We have been a family owned business for nearly 45 years and historically a bakery since the mid 1800’s. We offer home baked treats, specialty cakes, bread and serve all day breakfast and lunch in our coffee shop. Stop in for a visit!

With almost 50 years of family baking tradition, Hank’s is proud to offer the rare skills of “scratch-baking” still done “the Old Fashioned Way” with all natural ingredients and no fillers, or preservatives.

We also offer a variety of European Specialties like: Dutch almond filled Pencees, and current buns, amandel gebak and during the holidays: authentic Dutch Stollen and Staven (Almond paste filled fruit bread and almond paste filled pastry sticks and rings)

We also make a British treat called Eccles Cakes: A crunchy puff pastry filled with a sweet chewy raisin and cake mix filling – Cornish Pasties: Beef, potato and onion filled puff pastry ready for the oven or microwave.