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Nonquon Provincial Wildlife Area

The wildlife area is used by the public for fishing, canoeing, hiking and local chapters of the retriever and hunting dog association hold their annual field trials at the property. The property is also used by the Durham District School Board as an outdoor education centre (the Nonquon Environmental Education Centre), providing opportunities for students to learn about ecology and the natural environment

The Nonquon Provincial Wildlife Area is 2,800 acres of publicly owned property located three kilometres north of Port Perry managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. There is a myriad of trails, but they are neither marked nor maintained.

The Nonquon area consists of small ridges ranging in height from one to six metres and these ridges are separated by low-lying hollows. There are also large woodlot areas and fields.

The Nonquon River flows through the property for 16.5 kilometres and empties into Lake Scugog after leaving the provincial wildlife area.

The area hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna and many species of songbirds and shorebirds nest and feed along the river and in the marsh areas. The drier upland forest supports populations of white-tailed deer, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse and wild turkey.