Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm 

(905) 985-5559

Adorn Fine Furnishings Boutique

In June of 2003 my daughter Renee and I opened our exclusively unique French inspired Boutique in a 450 sq. ft. space at 219 Queen St. in the historic town of Port Perry!  Our vision and passion was inspired by several trips to Europe where we were delighted to find an abundance of not only eye candy but  intoxicatingly delicious creams, soaps and products from Paris, Grass, Marseilles & Cologne to name only a few of our favorite destinations!  What fun, we thought it would be, to introduce some of those products in our own little Boutique!  Voila, Pamper & Soothe was born!  As time went on we not only moved into a larger venue but we changed the name to Adorn and Renee opened her own Boutique at 32 Bruce St. in Thornbury, the Town of Blue Mountain, as Adorn II!  Our stores have evolved into an eclectic assortment of natural European creams, fragrances, soaps and products as well as
unique pieces of fine furnishings and gift ideas!  We have lovingly developed our own exclusive Pamper & Soothe product line which we carry in both venues!  We en devour to offer our fantastic clientele a one of a kind shopping experience and look forward to meeting new friends who share and appreciate our sensibilities!