Behind The Business With Lana Crosbie

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Lana Crosbie always goes the extra mile to ensure each client receives quality service and print products. She’s passionate about print and committed to her community.

PP Print is a 48-year-old family business currently owned and operated by Lana Crosbie and Tony Janssen.  In 1974 Henry Janssen started Port Perry Printing, then it was later purchased by his son Tony who changed the name to PP Print. 

For 18 years Lana sold giftware across Canada for Old Port Marketing.  After that business closed, she went to PP Print bringing her marketing and sales expertise.  Lana has been and still is a strong contributor to the growth and success of PP Print. She has been building strong connections with her employees, customers, and the community ever since.

More Than Print

Don’t let the name PP Print fool you, the commercial printing business is full service. Recognizing the need to diversify the product offerings have expanded to design, signage, promotional products, and even a signature apparel line. They also create and publish annual calendars, magazines, and brochures.

 Like any business the print world has its own challenges, more recently stock has impacted turnaround times. Paper shortages have caused them to work with different sources, which can make it harder to keep up with the demand.

 But like many other businesses PP Print took a strange time and did what they could. During the peak of the pandemic PP Print carried COVID signage and floor decals. The print shop also became a sanitizer distribution centre offering the product at cost.

A Community Mindset

Without a doubt, having a business located in an area as supportive as Port Perry has been an advantage. Lana credits an amazing community, their amazing staff, and their customers to their success.

Lana is very community minded and this mindset has allowed the business to make a difference through various initiatives like their annual ‘Blessing Bags’ for the homeless that have reached numerous people in need during the holidays. Their Loose Change initiative has also supported many community charities over the years. Currently change is being collected for Ukraine. The Port Perry Wear clothing line will also feature a yellow and blue heart to represent support for the war in Ukraine. The line will be sold at the print shop now through June with a portion of proceeds going to Ukraine.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Lana has always worked in an environment that when something needs to get done everyone works together. She doesn’t consider herself a SheEO, rather on the same level as everyone else.

Regardless of your title, Lana stresses that you need to stick to your core values, but more importantly figure out what they are. You also need to keep an open mind, as things can change quickly. Being able to adapt will take you far. Having confidence in your own decisions is also helpful.

Lana sees these values in her good friends Linda and Heather.  Both ladies are the kind of people that love to see others succeed.  Their core values combined with true integrity has greatly influenced Lana over the years. 

Like many other small business owners Lana also believes that you should never stop learning. She didn’t know about print at one point and here she is now. 

“Nothing is unattainable, if you really want it” — Lana Crosbie       

Getting to share in the special moments with their customers is an especially rewarding part of what Lana does. When a person receives their first set of business cards, the look on their face makes everything worth it. The satisfaction and the relationships Lana have built over the years has kept her driven. She truly believes that sales shouldn’t about making money, but success comes from the success of others.

“It’s not all about business, it’s about the relationships” — Lana Crosbie

#FunFact: Lana loves hanging out with family in her ‘free’ time.


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