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Behind The Business with Tammy Thompson

by | Oct 15, 2022

Brittany N Bros offers the latest in fashion for mature women that wants to be on-trend and feel comfortable. For owner, Tammy Thompson, women’s comfort and confidence is of the utmost importance. For many, Brittany N Bros is a staple when updating their closet.

Confident Women

In 1998, Tammy opened a shoe store in the heart of Lindsay, filling a need for quality footwear. Over the years, Brittany N Bros has grown into a boutique offering clothing, footwear, and accessories; and with locations in Downtown Port Perry and Cobourg.  

Tammy’s love for fashion and helping ladies feel good in what they’re wearing has helped distinguish and establish the business. For Tammy, it is essential that women over 45 feel comfortable with their appearance. As our bodies change so do our tastes, and Britany and Bros wants your wardrobe to transition with you.

Passion For Business

Tammy’s family was in the restaurant business, which inspired her own entrepreneurial spirit. After a visit and lunch in Downtown Port Perry, Tammy realized that this was the place that she wanted to expand her business to. Having such supportive customers has kept Tammy driven to keep the business evolving.

Tammy herself used to visit and shop in Downtown Port Perry for years before opening her own doors here. The waterfront brings in visitors that appreciate the chic and on-trend. The combination has been a benefit to the business.                  

Retail Therapy

The shopping experience can be like therapy. Often customers stop by to chat while they check out the new selection on the racks.  The staff is always ready to help, recommend, and listen. This makes the service personalized and unique for each customer. Tammy credits her staff to help make her dream possible, as they are a big part of the unique shopping experience found at Brittany and Bros.

“People don’t just want to buy. They want to feel welcome and listened to.” — Tammy Thompson

How the clothing and footwear make it to the shelves is another story. A lot of what you see at Brittany N Bros is found and sourced from all over the world. Tammy regularly goes to trade shows to investigate and discover new fashions. Sometimes staff also help to seek out fresh finds that bring new people into the store.

The Fashion Legacy

Tammy’s daughter, Brittany, has been involved with the business from the beginning; and has been slowly taking over the reins. Brittany purchased the Lindsay store from her mother this past August. Tammy’s next big accomplishment will be seeing Brittany take over all three stores and continue with the business. Tammy jokes that her daughter is one of her inspirations because of her incredible work ethic. Tammy wishes Brittany much success over the next few years and hopes she continues to grow and prosper in business. 

For other women that want to start their own business, Tammy suggests looking at what is needed and then determine who makes those purchases. In the shoe world, it’s women spending the money, which helped direct and streamline her business to what it is today.

“Go for your dreams. Don’t be afraid.” — Tammy Thompson

Tammy’s legacy is not only her business but the admiration for everyone who walks through the door and put their trust in how they look and feel in the hands of Brittany and Bros.

#FunFact: Brittany N Bros is named for Tammy’s children — Brittany and her brothers.


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