BIA Gift Card Program Helps Keep the Downtown Thriving

by Jun 4, 2020PRESS RELEASES

In a time of business uncertainty, the Port Perry BIA is celebrating the success of its spring gift card program. Throughout the month of May the community was invited to buy a gift card to many of Port Perry’s downtown shops in an effort to provide business owners some revenue to help pay rent and keep the lights on during the COVID-19 pandemic. The BIA raised the stakes by offering to pay 30% of each gift card purchase as a thank you.

The gift card program was a big hit having raised nearly $25,000 for downtown businesses. A handful of the businesses sold out in the first couples days with others following shortly after. The Port Perry community expressed appreciation for the program, as it allowed them to support their favourite local shops and restaurants without leaving home.

Participating in the program came at no cost to businesses and they received 100% of the funds from their gift card purchases. Businesses that sold gift cards ranged from restaurants and the local brewery to a consignment shop and a fine jewelry store.

In order to ensure the money was evenly distributed, the BIA board of directors voted to limit the number of gift cards each business could sell to $1650 with $495 of that paid by the community organization.

Though the shop is now closed you can still check the initiative out at Please continue to support your local businesses during these unprecedented times. Many local businesses still offer gift cards and certificates through their own online shops. You can also contact businesses without a gift card option to see how you can best support them. Words of encouragement on social media are also a great way to show your support.