Member Feature: Cycle Life

by Sep 24, 2020MEMBER STORIES

Like many Downtown Port Perry businesses Cycle Life  is a local family-run small business. The proud owners, Elie & Janie Riviere, have over 40 years experience in the bicycle industry and are avid cyclists themselves. This is not only their passion, it’s their life.
Cycle Life welcomes customers as if they were friends and family. The dedicated team of amazing staff are passionate about all types of cycling – road and touring, gravel, mountain biking, triathlon, commuting, downhill, racing and recreational. If it involves a bicycle, they LOVE it!
The product offerings will be expanded to meet the unique needs of Port Perry, beyond the SUPs added this year.
Why Port Perry: Dreaming of opening a shop in Port Perry, the owners waited until the perfect location became available. Everyone loves to cycle but Port didn’t have the support of a bike shop….yet! They felt this was the perfect time to support Port Perry’s cycling community.
“Port has everything – a quaint yet vibrant downtown, bustling waterfront and quiet neighbourhoods.” – Elie & Janie Riviere