Pinewood Centre Of Lakeridge Health

Pinewood Centre of Lakeridge Health provides a variety of services to help people with alcohol, drug, concurrent mental health and gambling related concerns. Our wide range of treatment services includes residential withdrawal management services, residential treatment services, structured community based individual and group services, and walk-in and telephone support.

We support client goals whether it’s no change to abstinence, and we assist clients to focus on methods to reduce the related harms associated with substance use and gambling.

Treatment plans are developed collaboratively with the individual and their therapist, with a strong focus on strengths, presenting concerns and individual preferences. Our clinical approach recognizes that change is a process and matches the client’s intention or readiness to change, their self-reported severity of use, and personal reasons for attending services with the appropriate treatment options. A client’s treatment plan will be continuously re-evaluated and modified to reflect a client’s changing situation.

Our multidisciplinary team of addiction counsellors, social workers and psychotherapists provide assessments, referral, case management, support, education, individual and group therapy for individuals who question or identify concerns related to alcohol, substance use and gambling. 

Services are also available for family members and personal supports.There are specialized services for women, pregnant women, youth, opiate dependence, concurrent disorders and court related concerns.